Client Testimonials

San Diego Criminal Defense Lawyer Lauren Angelos of Angelos Law Group is an award-winning attorney who goes above and beyond for her clients. To hear from Ms. Angelos’ past clients, please visit her Avvo page where she has an ‘excellent’ five star rating and check out the client testimonials below.

Professional, Honest and Punctual
“Seeing that this was my first time preparing to go to court I was nervous didn’t know what to expect. Ms. Angelos gave me guidance every step of the way and always remained punctual with time agreements and meetings as well as responding to questions and inquiries in a timely manner. Her services were affordable and realistic and I never felt judged.” -Anonymous, December 5, 2016

Look No Further!
“I found Ms. Angelos after interviewing at least a dozen lawyers and law firms in San Diego. I had just been convicted for my 3rd DUI and knew that in order to maintain my quality of life I would need an experienced-professionals help. It sounds as bad as it looked on paper; but I wasn’t the typical monster that the courthouse was used to throwing the book at. Ms. Angelos recognized that and it made me feel safe and secure knowing she genuinely cared about my future. Best. Decision. Ever. Mandatory jail time (3mo – 1yr), Fines ($$$), Community service, In-patient rehab (substance abuse), Suspended driver’s license (1 – 3 years), Ignition interlock (car breathalyzer) and an ankle monitor. Not to mention my new profession with the city and state medical license were on the line. Ms. Angelos, after countless hours of work and thinking outside of the box was able to get my case DISMISSED! She went above and beyond; drafting letters to my employer and the State Medical Board in order to help me keep my job. She was always there when I needed her, and kept me updated throughout the case. From setting up meetings outside the office, to court updates via text; there was never a moment I didn’t feel completely accommodated. Though the burden was shifted to her, it was a relief knowing that she was giving her absolute best when it came to my defense. Worth. Every. Penny. Thank you so much Ms. Angelos for all of your help. I couldn’t have done it without you. Here’s to never meeting under such unfortunate circumstances ever again! You’re the best!” -Arthur, November 30, 2016

Lauren Angelos
“I was helped in my civil suit & restraining order case. Lauren was very informative, professional and made me feel very comfortable in my most difficult moments. And I felt very confident in court having her represent me. And, yes WE WON!!! Thank you for everything. We wont hesitate to use her services again.” -Benjamin Ambriz, October 11, 2016

Criminal Defense
“Lauren is is my opinion the best criminal defense lawyer. You are not just another case to her.  She represented my son with excellent results. She is compassionate and she knows the law. Lauren will fight for you and your rights.” -Nina, July 14, 2016

All Lawyers are NOT all alike. Some are exceptional.
“When going through a divorce, emotions are running high and it is imperative to your over all well-being to have someone on your side who is not only knowledgeable in the law, but who is also compassionate to the pain a predator can cause. Lauren is willing, able and ready to fight for you in the manner that best suits your case, personality and values. She is kind, considerate, intelligent and MOST importantly has the highest level of integrity not only as an attorney, (so rare) but as a person. That is truly the BEST way to win. Although Lauren is not a fan of civil cases such as this, I asked her to handle my divorce when my “wusband” continued to show his true colors and his ego led attorney created a bogus temporary DVRO in his STUPID attempt to “win.” He didn’t “win” anything…not the RO or any respect. As far as I am concerned, stooping to such a level such as that isn’t “winning.” I believe “you catch more flies with honey than you do with vinegar.” So, “when you can’t fix stupid”~Ron White, just smile and hire Lauren to handle the rest. Lauren kills them with kindness and in my book, that’s “winning.” Intelligence and integrity over dishonest stupid tactics always WINS! It is with much love and gratitude to say I HIGHLY recommend Lauren in any capacity to swat those pesky flies.” -Anonymous, June 8, 2016

Criminal Defense Attorney Review
“Lauren did an excellent job handling my case. She made me feel like my case was a priority to her. She was easy to get in contact with and was thorough in answering any and all questions I had. Lauren is an amazing lawyer who truly cares about her clients individual cases.” -Anonymous, June 2, 2016

If You Want the Best, Go to Lauren!
“I had a second DUI in San Diego before I moved to Los Angeles a few years ago. I had let it go on for a little too long and hadn’t completed the classes or community service that was required so I had a warrant out and needed serious help. Lauren came highly recommended and was so helpful. She took the time to explain everything thoroughly, helped me with my paperwork, and got my warrant lifted before I knew it. I thought for sure there would be some added punishment, but she was so good the judge didn’t add anything extra. During these stressful times you want to be in good hands and Lauren goes above and beyond to ensure just that. If you want a lawyer you can count on to get you the best outcome on your case then she’s the one for you. Thank you Lauren!” -Anonymous, January 14, 2016

Excellent Attorney
“I hired Lauren after being charged with a felony DUI. She was very patient and answered all my questions. She laid out what the process would be so I knew what to expect. In the end she got an amazing result for me. I hope to never need her services again, however I’d recommend her to any friends or family that needs a criminal defense attorney.” -Anonymous, January 11, 2016

DUI Defense Attorney Review
“Lauren was the epitome of the consummate professional. Her dedication and hard work was nothing short of impressive. She was always very prompt in returning correspondence when I had questions about my case and left nothing to the imagination. I was very lucky to have her assigned to my case. She is very intelligent, knows the law, and strives to do her best for you. I wouldn’t recommend anyone else in need of a DUI/DWI defense attorney! She’s at the top of her profession. Thank you Lauren!” -Anonymous, August 26, 2015


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