Juvenile Court handles juvenile delinquency cases in which a minor is cited or arrested by law enforcement for violating the law, or is reported to the court as being habitually truant from school.

Unlike adult court, it is important that parents make a dedicated effort to attend appear the minor’s court appearances. Preparing a packet with information such as the minor’s report cards, certificates of participation in sports or other youth programs, documented volunteer work, letters of recommendation, and any proof of counseling services received, shows a parent’s support and may assist the court in determining a suitable outcome for the minor.

If the court finds the allegations against the minor to be true, the minor is declared a ward of the court and usually placed on probation.

Any person who was under the age of 18 at the time he or she committed the alleged offense may come under the jurisdiction of the Juvenile Court. However, if the minor is over the age of 14 and the alleged delinquent act is a serious offense, such as murder or sex crime, the minor could be tried as an adult in adult criminal court. Welfare and Institutions Code Section 256 specifies the offenses that may be heard in the Juvenile Minor Offense Court, which include:

  • Non-felony Vehicle Code violations
  • Violations of state or local law relating to traffic
  • Fish and Game Code violations
  • Violations of state and local law relating to evasion of fares on a public transportation system
  • Daytime loitering
  • Curfew violations
  • Drunkenness in public
  • Business and Professions Code violations related to possession or consumption of alcohol by a minor
  • Graffiti
  • Possession of less than one ounce of marijuana
  • Petty theft ($50.00 or less)
  • Penal Code Section 415 – Disturbing the peace (charged as an infraction)

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