San Diego County Warrant Search

A warrant may be issued if you fail to appear at a court hearing and/or comply with a court order such as failure to complete treatment programs, volunteer work, custody, or community service. For more information, you may follow the link above.

Who’s In Jail

The San Diego County Sheriff maintains a website for information on those currently in custody. If a friend or family member was just arrested or is in jail and you would like more information, you may follow the link above.

San Diego Bail Bonds

If you have a family member in need of a bail bond anywhere in California, call the Bail Bond Woman, Wendy.  Wendy is extremely knowledgeable and will take great care of you and your family members!  619-708-0897

Email An Inmate

If a friend or family member is currently in custody, you may correspond via email. Please note, there is no expectation of privacy for email messages and every message will be reviewed by jail staff; therefore this system should not be used for legal or confidential mail, or any other privileged communications. For more information, you may follow the link above.

San Diego County District Attorney – Criminal Case information

San Diego County City Attorney – Criminal Case information

The San Diego County District Attorney’s Office maintains a database to provide the public with information about most felony and misdemeanor court proceedings. Juvenile cases, misdemeanors occurring within the limits of the City of San Diego and the City of Poway, cases that have not been submitted to the District Attorney’s Office, cases where charges have not yet been filed by the District Attorney’s Office, and closed cases with no pending court proceedings are not included in this database. For more information, you may follow the link above.

Protective/Restraining Orders

For information on restraining/protective orders, follow the link above.

California Penal Code

For more information about the criminal statutes, enhancements and potential punishment, browse the California Penal Code above.